Scalable Messaging Platform: Enabling Seamless Communication at Scale

The client, a leading fleet management company operating in Southern Africa, faced the challenge of efficiently managing a large fleet of vehicles generating a substantial volume of data. Seeking to consolidate and simplify their technology stack, they turned to cloud solution architect for Microsoft with expertise in OSS technologies in Azure.

    • Elixir, Riak , Nerves, Phoenix
    • Azure
    • April 10, 2024

A global communication service provider sought to develop a scalable messaging platform capable of handling millions of concurrent users. Working with Erlang/Elixir experts, they aimed to create a robust and low-latency solution to meet the demands of modern communication networks.


Traditional messaging platforms struggled to scale effectively, especially during peak usage hours, leading to message delays and service interruptions. The communication service provider faced challenges in building a platform capable of supporting large-scale messaging traffic while maintaining high availability and low latency.

    Solution Proposed:
    Using Erlang’s lightweight processes and Elixir’s Phoenix framework, the development team designed a highly scalable messaging platform capable of handling millions of concurrent connections. They leveraged Erlang’s built-in support for distributed computing and fault tolerance to ensure seamless operation even under heavy loads.

    Technological Stack:

    • Elixir/Erlang for real-time event processing and scalability.
    • Pub-Sub for real-time messaging.
    • PostgreSQL for secure storage of critical data.
    • Phoenix Framework for visual representation of fleet data.

    Benefits Realized:

    The scalable messaging platform provided the communication service provider with the ability to handle peak messaging traffic without sacrificing performance or reliability. Users experienced minimal message delivery delays, leading to improved user satisfaction and retention. Compared to a messaging platform built on Python, the Erlang/Elixir solution delivered a 35% reduction in operational costs due to improved scalability and lower infrastructure overhead.

      The scalable messaging platform’s adoption resulted in significant benefits, including enhanced performance during peak traffic, minimal delays, and higher user satisfaction. Compared to Python-based systems, the Erlang/Elixir solution notably cut operational costs by 35%, showcasing its superior scalability and efficiency. This underscores its value for robust communication services.