Cybersecurity Services

End-to-end security services

Cybersecurity is a core foundation for business transformation

Cybersecurity concerns remain high as the adoption of public and private cloud computing continues to grow, most importantly in the wake of COVID crisis and the shift to remote work environment accelerated. Cybersecurity is a core business requirement, providing a secure foundation to transform your enterprise and support your business.


Cybersecurity Transformation

Evolving your cybersecurity through intelligence and automation. Bizelit provides cybersecurity consulting, training, and process development to help organizations evolve their cybersecurity capabilities from the ground up or transform an existing program into a mature intelligence and robust defense strategy.

Secure IoT/OT  Services

Embracing IoT and OT convergence creates great opportunities for your business. Bizelit is here to help you secure your growing digital footprint, despite an increasingly complex and ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our Secure IoT/OT sevices protects your software, devices in your IoT and OT cluster, and protocol deployments. Bizelit experts can design, implement, deploy and manage effective cybersecurity solution from device through network to data center and private/public cloud.

Boost cyber readiness as digital, cloud and IoT adoption continues to shape the future of consumer, business and workforce.

Penetration testing, Red Teaming and Threat Simulation

Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation

We provides defensive assessments, coaching and assessing response team activities versus best practice or organizational key performance indicators (KPIs). Offensive and defensive, with one team performing offensive attacks whilst assessing, and in some cases coaching, the defensive teams’ ability to respond to the attacks