Application services

Be ahead of your competitors.

Get a better insight from Your Data

Engineering must be exact. Software, mobile, and web apps need to work flawlessly every time, for every user, in myriad situations. Bizelit integrates engineering strategy at the outset of your project in order to assess scope, technical requirements, approach, and feasibility. Doing this not only builds trust, it positions your custom applications to prove value year after year.


User-focused development

Engaging brand experiences are built on pixel-perfect design executions that focus on users. Our team of User Experience Developers — or UXDs — directly translate designs into responsive front-end interfaces that orient accessibility, localization, and performance towards audiences. Bizelit is unique in deploying a team dedicated to this task.

Best-in-class technologies

We use technologies of the future. Ember.js and React.js allow us to focus on advanced front end functionality. Ruby is a time-tested language offering simplicity and productivity. Elixir leads the pack in terms of enabling scalable, maintainable apps. And Phoenix supercharges Elixir for modern web apps. Giants such as Google, Facebook, and IBM use some of these technologies.

Best engineers

We have experts distributed globally. This means we hire for intelligence, expertise, and adaptability instead of just local availability. We open the door to the brilliant, wherever they live, bringing the best of the nation into our talent pool and onto your projects.

We offer strategic guidance and intelligent technology solutions that will give you a competitive edge

Reliable and secure

We crafts code that is clean, secure, stable, and extensible. We use the best frameworks and libraries to build progressive web applications that exceed accessibility and reliability requirements, while also achieving rock solid security. This not only creates a trusted experience — it’s more cost-effective in the long run.

Flexible and scalable

Future-proofing is woven throughout our entire application development process. Robust software and test scripts are written with future development needs in mind. Whether it’s allowing for modular adaptability or preparing for subsequent phases, we’re always ahead of the curve.